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NEW Artificial Intelligence Human Image

Artificial Intelligence generates images of people who don’t exist
Original link serves up a rotating gallery of pictures of different faces — but each face is completely fake and computer-generated.

  • deepfake technology.

  • The sites present pictures of faces, cats, and buildings that are completely fake but look incredibly real...

The AI tech used to create completely fictitious faces-

The AI tech behind -real celebrity 'deepfakes'

Create Completely Fictitious Faces...

How we teach computers to understand pictures

The AI tech behind scary-real celebrity 'deepfakes' is being used to create completely fictitious faces,

  • One of the site's creators says even people without computer programming experience can use freely available tools to create fake pictures in a couple of hours.

  • The Uber engineer behind another one of the sites says he made the site to "raise public awareness" about the new AI technology.

The AI tech

The AI tech ' is being used to create completely fictitious faces...

How we teach computers to understand pictures | Fei Fei Li
Original link
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Fashion and advertising

GANs can be used to create photos of imaginary fashion models, with no need to hire a model, photographer, makeup artist, or pay for a studio and transportation.

GANs can be used to create fashion advertising campaigns including more diverse groups of models, which may increase intent to buy among people resembling the models.


GANs can improve astronomical images and simulate gravitational lensing for dark matter research.

They were used in 2019 to successfully model the distribution of dark matter in a particular direction in space and to predict the gravitational lensing that will occur.

GANs have also been proposed as a fast and accurate way of generating simulated showers of particles in the calorimeters of high-energy physics experiments.

Video games

In 2018, GANs reached the video game modding community, as a method of up-scaling low-resolution 2D textures in old video games by recreating them in 4k or higher resolutions via image training, and then down-sampling them to fit the game's native resolution (with results resembling the supersampling method of anti-aliasing).

With proper training, GANs provide a clearer and sharper 2D texture image magnitudes higher in quality than the original, while fully retaining the original's level of details, colors, etc. Known examples of extensive GAN usage include Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Resident Evil REmake HD Remaster, and Max Payne.